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David Kurkjian

David Kurkjian has 30 years of experience leading sales teams in organizations that include BellSouth, CareerBuilder and Yodle. David’s success comes from his ability to communicate value from the customer’s point of view, throughout the entirety of the relationship. Tapping into this wealth of experience, David has been successful teaching and coaching salespeople, account managers and sales managers to communicate about their company, product or service in a way that is clear, valuable and meaningful.

David’s coaching, specific to communicating value, has positively impacted sales at such companies as Intradiem, Vantiv, Assurant Solutions, Aflac, Pyramid Consulting and Advocate Consulting. His success as a consultant and facilitator results from his ability to engage with his clients in high-energy workshops, provide one-on-one coaching and feedback, and apply technology to reinforce the principles of articulating and communicating value.

David has a passion for teaching and training and he enjoys environments in which there are opportunities for knowledge transfer. He believes there is a unique joy in helping people learn and apply principles, concepts and best practices and realize the value when there are applications to both the professional and personal sides of life. He also believes that sales professionals and business owners can find significant meaning in the work that they do, particularly when there is a focus on value creation and co-creation with colleagues, partners, and customers.

David graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. He, his wife, four children and 3 grandchildren all live in Atlanta, GA.