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Approach to Client Engagements 2018-03-26T03:04:57-04:00

Approach to Client Engagements

Our commitment is the creation of predictable, repeatable success for our clients through the deployment and implementation of sales performance solutions that fit their businesses, exceed their requirements, and help them engage, win and grow with their customers.

Sales, Account Management, and Sales Management Effectiveness Discovery and Assessment

PMI believes that to provide the highest value to clients, an assessment of sales effectiveness and execution must be conducted prior to deploying any new solutions, best practices, tools or conducting field sales team training.

This collaborative assessment takes into consideration a client’s existing sales processes and tools, sales leadership and coaching, competitive landscape, customer value requirements and the needs for effective account team alignment.

PMI then validates findings from the sales best practices assessment with client senior sales leadership and makes recommendations to provide for the deployment of new processes, skills, best practices, tools and job-aids.

Our primary objective is to help clients determine the state of their sales, account management and sales management effectiveness, where they ultimately want to be, who within the organization will be impacted with new approaches and how they can best get to this next level of sales performance and execution.

Customized Sales Performance Solution Design, Development and Integration with Existing Methodologies

Following Discovery and Assessment to accurately determine client needs, PMI provides consulting services to assist in the design, development and deployment of customized sales performance solutions.

We deliver solutions to clients that fit their unique business requirements, while leveraging existing processes and tools that they are using and integrating with other training in which they are invested.

We believe that effective customer engagement first requires an understanding of what customers value most. With this information serving as the foundation, PMI’s clients are equipped and enabled with customer “value-focused” best practices, processes, skills and tools to ensure that their sales teams consistently meet and exceed the value expectations of their customers.

PMI helps clients engage more effectively with their customers by providing them with sales performance solutions that fit their businesses and enable them to drive sales execution, gain competitive advantage, collaborate and plan with customers, and increase revenues.

Solution Training and Deployment in Team-Based Workshops with Real Accounts and Opportunities

PMI implements our sales performance solutions through a variety of blended learning and deployment approaches, including customized training workshops, distance learning and e-learning, all with the purpose of equipping and enabling client sales teams to reach their next level of effective sales and account management execution.

PMI workshops are designed with a balance of presentation and individual and team exercises in order to build a fast-paced, high-impact environment for engagement. PMI deploys an active coaching model during each workshop, equipping and enabling client sales leaders and managers to begin the field coaching process before the training workshops have concluded.

The PMI approach to workshop delivery is one of interaction, collaboration and exchange of ideas and expertise among the participants. Actual, selected sales opportunities and accounts are used within workshop exercises to create a “real world,” customer-centric framework for workshop participants, as opposed to tired case studies that do not stimulate participant interest.

Client salespeople and account managers leave PMI workshops with takeaways that they are able to put to immediate use – all designed to help them engage, win, and grow with their customers.

Sales Performance Solution Coaching, Adoption, Reinforcement and Sustainability

Following training and deployment, the question that must be asked is “How can we ensure adoption, reinforcement, and sustainability of our new sales performance solution?”

PMI provides our clients with specific reinforcement programs that engage their sales leaders as proactive field sales coaches to enable the levels of change, adoption and traction that is required for successful implementation.

These adoption and reinforcement programs are custom-designed to leverage prior deployments of leadership and coaching skills that the client may have implemented, as well as providing new coaching skills and tools to measure the sales training objectives and effectiveness.

A leading sales performance industry analyst has recognized PMI as one of the top sales performance consulting and training organizations in the world in the area of training and deployment effectiveness measurement, because of our approach to determining what to measure and how to measure it.

PMI understands the importance of assisting clients with the development of customized measures and metrics to equip and enable them to track and evaluate the success of their investment in sales performance solutions.

Our approach to sales performance engagements is to focus first on the unique needs of our clients and then determine how we can equip and enable them to engage, win and grow more effectively with their customers.