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Thought Leadership

PMI’s Sales Performance Solutions are among the most contemporary and innovative in our market, and have been recognized by industry experts and thought leaders across the globe.

We appreciate the opportunity to share perspectives on sales, account management, and sales management and leadership with the sales performance community through our publications and insights.

Case Studies


Buying has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, but sales hasn’t kept up.

It took Steve Andersen and Dave Stein two years to write Beyond the Sales Process: 12 Proven Strategies for a Customer-Driven World. By going inside industry-leading companies and interviewing some of their most successful salespeople and account managers – and their customers, the authors offer a proven approach that spans the entire customer relationship… before, during, and after the sale.

Today’s customers value relationships based on transparency, credibility, authenticity, and trust, and their feedback provides a compelling case for stronger alignment, collaboration, innovation, and mutual value creation in this exciting new era of customer engagement.

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Beyond the Sales Process

Training Industry has featured PMI in a thought leadership series including articles, ebooks and webinars, focused on the topic of Creating Value-Focused Sales Excellence.

Joining PMI is the award-winning team from Boehringer Ingelheim to provide insights on how they successfully implemented a program focused on customer success through value co-creation.

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The Keys to Effective Strategic Account Planning (2nd Edition)

By Steve Andersen, Craig Jones and Todd Lenhart

If you want to discover account management best practices at work, all you have to do is spend time in or around the Strategic Account Management Association and its member companies. Sharing best practices is part of the SAMA community culture, and there’s no better place than SAMA to find examples of how global industry leaders have achieved excellence in engaging, creating and co-creating value with their most important customers.

This book’s purpose is twofold: to introduce the reader to a proven methodology and contemporary approach to managing strategic customer relationships, as well as to recognize specific companies that have reached high levels of effectiveness in their deployment of strategic account management best practices.

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