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Engage, Win, Grow with Your Customers 2018-03-26T03:04:55-04:00

Engage, Win and Grow with Your Customers

Top performers realize that sales success in today’s demanding selling environment requires much more than yesterday’s approaches. Customers don’t want to be controlled, coerced, manipulated or tricked into doing things that are not in their best interests. We’ve asked and they’ve told us!

Customers value authentic relationships based on transparency, competence, credibility, and trust. The salespeople and account managers that realize this and go “beyond the sales process” in pursuit of success with their customers are destined to be tomorrow’s top performers. Here’s how they do it: Engage/Win/Grow™.

Before the Sale

  1. Research the Organization
    Becoming a Student of Your Customer
  2. Explore the Possibilities
    Giving Your Customer a Reason to Engage
  3. Vision the Success
    Visualizing Future Potential Value with Your Customer
  4. Elevate the Conversation
    Defining and Pursuing Customer Value Targets

During the Sale

  1. Discover the Drivers
    Understanding What’s at Stake for Your Customer
  2. Align the Teams
    Developing Customer Sponsors and Supporters
  3. Position the Fit
    Competing for Customer Mindshare
  4. Differentiate the Value
    Creating a Customer Preference

After the Sale

  1. Realize the Value
    Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations
  2. Validate the Impact
    Measuring Success with Your Customer
  3. Adapt the Approach
    Applying Lessons Learned with Your Customer
  4. Expand the Relationship
    Leveraging Your Past Proven Value

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