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Dave Stein 2019-09-05T15:35:57-04:00
Advisor and Executive Consultant

Dave Stein

Dave graduated from college with a degree in music. After an early career as a professional trumpeter, he transitioned quickly to computer programming. Among his many diverse technical, sales and executive positions over the course of two decades were: programmer, systems engineer, sales representative, sales manager, director of worldwide sales development, VP of sales, VP of international operations, VP of client services and VP of strategic alliances.

Beginning in 1997, as an independent sales consultant, he provided expertise, guidance and coaching to more than one hundred clients, from start-ups to the Fortune 100, in these critical areas: hiring top sales professionals; analyst relations; development of selling strategies to overcome tough competitors; and, increasing compliance by their sales organizations to sales methodologies that had been already been installed.

Dave is delighted to have been quoted and recognized in leading business magazines and websites over the years, including Fast Company, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Inc., The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes (where he was recognized as one of the leading social sellers), and The Harvard Business Review.

Dave is an Adjunct Professor of Sales and Sales Management at the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland, where he has been delivering seminars on sales effectiveness for CEOs and sales executives since 2002.

Dave speaks at sales kick-off meetings and other sales-related events, as well as runs workshops around the area of business-to-business sales performance improvement, especially the hiring of effective salespeople and managers, winning large, critical sales opportunities, and effective use of social media.

Dave regularly contributes articles to Sales and Marketing Management magazine, where he is a member of the advisory board.

Dave’s Amazon best-selling sales book How Winners Sell was republished as an e-book in August 2015. He co-authored Beyond the Sales Process with PMI founder, Steve Andersen in 2016.